LEO Trading Online Voucher – 2024

Looking to upgrade your current business website or sell online? Did you know that you can apply to your Local Enterprise Office for assistance in funding its development.

What is the Trading Online Voucher Scheme?

The trading online voucher scheme is part of the Irish Government’s National Digital Strategy, for helping more businesses either make the move online or help bolster and improve their current digital platform and commerce capability. 

How Much Funding Does The Trading Online Voucher Scheme Provide?

Businesses can get 50% of their costs covered up to a maximum value of €2,500 in funding from their Local Enterprise Office towards the cost of developing or upgrading their current online commerce facilities.

For Example:
A business has been approved by the LEO to avail of a Trading Online Voucher. The business then seeks quotes for the implementation of a new ecommerce solution to sell their goods online. The business after availing of a number of quotes, the business chooses its preferred supplier at a cost of  €3,000 ex VAT to build and launch this solution. 

The business will be eligible to reclaim €1,500 or 50% of the expenditure on implementing their solution from their Local Enterprise Office . VAT is not covered by the Voucher and only ex VAT expenditure will be reimbursed.

Is My Business Eligible To Apply For The Trading Online Voucher?

In order to avail of the scheme your business must:

  • Currently have a limited or no ecommerce presence or ability
  • Have 10 or less employees
  • Have a turnover of less than €2 million euro
  • Businesses applying must have been trading for a minimum of 6 months prior to application
  • The business must be located within the geographic areas covered by the LEO that they apply to. E.g A Cork based business cannot apply to Limerick LEO for funding

What Can The Trading Online Voucher Be Spent On?

There are some limitations as to what expenditure can be claimed back via the voucher scheme.

What the Voucher Will Cover:

  • IT Consultation 
  • Implementing a booking system 
  • Implementing a system to allow customers to make payments online
  • Developing an App for the business
  • Development / Implementation of a Digital Marketing Strategy for the business
  • Training specifically related to developing and managing online trading activity
  • Subscriptions ot low cost retail platform solutions
  • Online Advertising i.e Google Ads, Facebook Advertising (The amount spent on advertising cannot make up more than 30% of all approved voucher costs)
  • Professional Photography (The amount spent cannot make up more than 80% of approved costs)

What the Trading Online Voucher Will Not Cover:

  • Development of a brochure website – with no e-commerce features
  • Anything that is unrelated to e-commerce related activity

How Do I Apply For A Trading Online Voucher

  1. Search for the Local Enterprise Office that covers your geographic area or click here
  2. Search for events on the site and book to attend a Trading Online voucher Webinar – If you cannot see any events listed or the event is scheduled well into the future, Reach out to the Local enterprise Office Directly. They can sometimes facilitate alternate events though not guranteed.
  3. Seek out a minimum of 3 quotations for the work required
  4. Submit your online application form to your Local Enterprise office – Details on how to access this form will be provided by them 
  5. Once you have approval, you can proceed with the development work.

All work must be paid for in full by you and fully completed before you can claim back the approved voucher amount.

How do I receive my grant once the work has been completed?

Once the agreed work has been fully completed and you have paid the supplier of the work you will need to provide your Local Enterprise office with some documents in order to process your claim. They will need: 

  • Your Tax Clearance Cert
  • All invoices provided to you by your chosen supplier (Showing a clear VAT breakdown even if 0%)
  • Proof of payment for services (Bank Statement)
  • Declaration from your chosen supplier that the work has been completed as requested 
  • A summary of the work completed and how it will affect your business

Once you have returned all the required documentation you should receive your refund within a few weeks.

Still Have Questions?

If you need any more information on applying for this scheme get in touch with us via our contact form or alternatively you can email us at hello@dev.blackfortdigital.com